Mr. Nam Huynh – Chief Executive Officer of Norbreeze Collective Asia – a member of Norbreeze Group

13 October, 2023

Norbreeze Collective Asia

Mr. Nam Huynh, CEO of Norbreeze Collective Asia, a member of the Norbreeze Group, is a driving force in elevating Pandora's positioning in the Vietnam and regional retail market, emphasizing the critical role of a strong human resource foundation in ensuring long-term business sustainability.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, a country known for its thriving economy and quality of life, Mr. Nam Huynh made a deliberate choice to return to his homeland, Vietnam, to work and develop his career. His career path included valuable experiences with leading international brands, which provided a solid knowledge base for his future partnership with NORBREEZE COLLECTIVE ASIA, the exclusive distributor of Pandora in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In 2019, Nam Huynh joined the Norbreeze Group and took on the role of leading their vision for 2026. Starting with just seven Pandora stores in Vietnam, he has been instrumental in advancing the Pandora brand's presence in the Vietnamese jewelry market. His deep understanding of the market and consumer behavior has played a pivotal role in this success.

Mr. Nam Huynh's dedication to placing people at the forefront harmonizes with the Norbreeze Group's fundamental principles. This approach played a pivotal role when he encountered his initial significant business hurdle amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Leveraging his extensive 14-year background in the retail sector and unwavering resilience, he steered through the challenges, with a constant focus on sincerity and the welfare of individuals at the heart of every strategic plan. His people-centric philosophy is key to ensuring the company's sustainable development.

The Norbreeze Group's vision unites with my personal vision and is embraced by all members of the company.

"Operating a successful business relies on three core principles: developing our team, optimizing our processes, and maximizing performance. To me, the utmost priority is to cultivate a resilient team, establish a strong organization, and prioritize our people as the driving force behind achieving our corporate goals and objectives," shared Mr. Nam Huynh.

According to Mr. Nam Huynh, a successful business depends on having quality personnel. Business growth is intertwined with enhancing the lives of employees. As a result, NCA's business philosophy aligns with the life philosophy of each individual within the company. This is why NCA directs its resources towards investing in its workforce, unlocking the potential of each individual, and building an organization dedicated to the company's success. Mr. Nam Huynh's focus on human values in management has led to many notable achievements within his organization. Every member of the Norbreeze team comprehends the company's objectives, and the leadership's vision becomes the collective vision of each individual, fostering a strong sense of unity.

In a remarkable feat, just one month after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Norbreeze Collective Asia successfully launched its e-commerce platform, achieving this milestone two years ahead of the original business plan. Consequently, the company's business operations continued to thrive despite the pandemic. "Covid-19 accelerated the execution of our plans, and, for me, it was an opportunity, not a challenge," he emphasized.

With a focus on people-centric strategies to attain business goals, Mr. Nam Huynh understands that for sustainable growth, a business must establish a solid foundation, which is primarily its human resources. Despite currently having 39 stores in the region, Norbreeze Collective Asia anticipates significantly expanding its brand presence by 2030. "Instead of solely concentrating on performance metrics, my attention is directed more towards nurturing and developing the team. We aim to create an environment where every employee feels at home, a place for them to learn, develop, shine, and receive the recognition they deserve.

By placing people at the forefront of all business activities, Norbreeze Collective Asia incorporates seemingly ordinary yet deeply meaningful elements. The Norbreeze Collective Asia office is designed as a flexible workspace, featuring various work areas, including a focused work zone, a recreational area, and a rooftop BBQ space. This setup empowers employees to unleash their creativity and flourish in an inspiring environment. NCA's welfare policies extends its care beyond employees to include their families, even providing insurance coverage for family members. These seemingly small yet profoundly meaningful actions foster strong bonds not only between individuals and the organization but also among individuals within the organization.

At Norbreeze Collective Asia, we offer more than products and services; we share stories.

Our success depends on our understanding of consumer needs and our insight into the exceptional jewelry market demand. To offer the finest customer care, our young team members are actively gaining more life experience to effectively implement best practices in conveying the stories to our consumers. At NCA, it extends beyond basic training programs; we dedicate substantial time and enthusiasm to unlock the potential of each team member, enabling them to connect with the customer's 'story' and craft memorable experiences for the consumers. Furthermore, at NORBREEZE COLLECTIVE ASIA, we regularly conduct educational courses and share knowledge to empower our team members and enhance their mindset. We focus on developing their emotional intelligence to help them better understand and inspire our customers. The practical knowledge and real-life experiences gained from these activities are integrated into meaningful workshops. These workshops prepare our frontline sales staff to connect with customers effectively and provide genuine advice.

Mr. Nam Huynh's desire to transform potential individuals into outstanding talents demands an exceptional strategy that emphasizes nurturing a strong team mindset. A united spirit typically outperforms individual endeavors, and at NORBREEZE COLLECTIVE ASIA, the team is able to turn every challenge into a opportunity to grow. As a leader witnessing this transformation, there's nothing more gratifying. I'm honored to be part of this journey alongside our dedicated talents.




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